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Ekayan – Ek Sutra

“Multiplicity of magnificent Culture & arts of India definitely needs a big stage- Sadhguru”.

Ekayan –Ek Sutra is an effort to  weave  the multiplicity of three diverse artforms  into a unity of thought. We are exhibiting Madhubani/Mithila  from Bihar; Chintz and Kalamkari and Andhra Pradesh and Phad from Rajasthan styles of folk art. These  divergent yet,  harmonious folk art forms are presented in a unique and experimental style .

While  Madhubani  is conventionally  practiced by women, the other two are male dominated art forms and this  is refelected in their subjects. Madhubani being women centric showcases Sita/Maithili ,Bhagwati and more feminine and tenacious characters, whereas the Kalamkari and Phad being a male bastion (traditionally) focus predominantly on strong male characters- for example in Phad , we have Pabuji ki Phad and Devnarayanji  ki Phad; in Kalamkari, Ramayana and Mahabharta are produced pictorially from the male protagonist’s view.

Ekayan –ek sutra is a small step forward towards blurring these lines of traditionality. We are experimenting with new subjects and  new formats whilst adhering to the conventional and practiced techniques to preserve the art form.

“A Nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.-Mahatama Gandhi”

  • Location:Bikaner House, New Delhi
  • Curators:Pragati Agarwal

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