Pragati Agarwal

A professional with an evolved career spanning over 30 years, Pragati Agarwal has enriched herself with the aesthetics and various nuances of many forms of art, besides learning all the marketing approaches to selling and promoting it. She was instrumental in bringing Bruno Art Group of Israel to India, among others. It remains one of her most prized achievements as the presence of Bruno Art as one of the most well-known galleries of the world to promote pop art and especially Jewish Masters, has firmly established itself in India.

Pragati Agarwal, with the right eye or ability to visually identify artists and quality, possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that few could boast of. Her enterprising spirit soared in different directions to help her explore other aspects of art. Since many of us are not fortunate to follow are destined calling right from the word go, and discover our potential rather belatedly,
she too, waited for the right constellation of stars to shower its blessings
on her to go full steam into an independent career as an art curator. And so, before venturing into a full time career in art, she dabbled in many
managerial and administrative occupations to perfect the overall position of an art communicator.

It was with this dream that she conceived and established Art Tree – an initiative to promote art and artists nearly five years ago.

To be an art curator requires multi-tasking as the job entails being responsible for a museum’s collection, selecting art to be displayed in a museum, organizing art exhibitions in galleries or public spaces, researching artists, plus writing catalog essays. She also works on administrative tasks, such as figuring out exhibition budgets and fundraising. Therefore, she gets fully involved in utilizing her business, marketing, public relations and fundraising qualities. Art curators also need to be skilled communicators as they are often the mediators between the museum, artist and public.

Arnab Banerjee

Arnab Banerjee has been a journalist and a keen art, music & film enthusiast for more than two decades.

His forte has been indepth analysis and write-ups in leading national dailies like The Times of India, Hindustan Times and Mail Today, to name a few. He also specializes in doing serious writing on issues plaguing the world of art and film industry as also on trends, etc.

Besides his special focus on art, music, books, films and culture, he has been reviewing in an unbiased and impartial way to give his readers and viewers an overview of the subject.

Besides writing for newspapers, he has also been contributing book reviews, music album reviews and art related stories to numerous magazines and newspapers.

He also takes serious interest in human interest stories and writes on social issues from time to time.

Presently, he is a consultant with

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